Resources For Your Credit Resolution Business

Resources For Your Credit Resolution Business

Please refer to our Land Enterprises, LLC blog for a business start up resource.  Information on business credit/funding is here. Some of the information listed is affiliate links.  You may need a surety bond, depending on your state.

Another tip: When creating marketing materials, cite sources… avoid plagarism.


Client Dispute Manager Software

Secondly, software isn’t mandatory when starting.  However, I found this one to be budget friendly and awesome! 

You can automate and mail letters from your dashboard. Customer service is impeccable!  

I strongly recommend this product.

CDM Business Mastery

I’d like to add, Client Dispute Manager offers a Credit Repair Business Mastery Class.  New and established credit dispute business owners could benefit from this amazing course. 

Credit Repair Cloud

Also, Credit Repair Cloud has a FREE training course right now. You don’t want to miss out on that! 

Additionally, I participated in their $47 Credit Hero Challenge, and received my first certification. 

Moreover, Daniel Rosen, credit repair guru, added a comprehensive list of the state laws which is beneficial.

Footnote:              Rosen, Daniel. Credit Repair Laws for Each State,


Pre-Litigation Disputes Training Group  

Then there is, Steven Palmieri,  owner of the Credit Repair Pre-Litigation Disputes Training Group via Facebook. 

I’m gaining invaluable knowledge for my credit restoration business. Essentially, understanding credit repair laws is critical in our industry. Steven launched a CRO software too! Subscribe to Steven’s group today! I see great value in my membership. 

I discussed a few terms here.

Crowne of Knowledge Academy

Furthermore, Sheila Lightford is the owner of Crowne of Knowledge Academy.  

Sheila provides a course that offers a host of information and you receive a certificate of completion. Also, she offers multiple classes… ranging from $0 to $397.

Credit Con

Before I forget to mention I’m super excited about Credit Con! Which is a conference created by Matt Listro for credit professionals interested in learning about credit, credit scoring and laws. Matt offers reputable training in our industry.

Credit Con 2021

One of the perks of being a subscriber to the Pre-Lit group is contests!!! I won a set of National Consumer Law Center bankruptcy law books that valued $180 and a ticket to attend Credit Con 2020!  


Smart Credit

Looking to join an amazing affiliate program for a credit monitoring service your clients will love?! 

Contact Jeri Resor at to join their affiliate program. I love the NEW Co-Brand Plus option… there’s free training and certifications! 

You can add your logo and offer a promo code to your clients as a co-branded partner. 

Credit Builder Card

Check out Credit Builder Card. They offer co-branding options, and you can automate with Client Dispute Manager Software!  


Pay Kings is a another good merchant account option.

PayKings logo green and white font, with black background

Simply Checks

Lastly, it’s harder to get approved for merchant accounts if you’re a business owner without strong credit.  Simply Checks is great. Sign up here.

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