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Travel Checklist

Hello, welcome to Your Financial Path!  Your tour director here is me, Shelly Land… no I’m not in the image… but that guy is ready to take the leap!  This page will include the travel checklist.  So, let’s start your journey towards financial empowerment. 

To begin, YFP is a subsidiary of  Land Enterprises, LLC.  “Our mission is to promote financial literacy and resources to communities. Additionally, we advocate generational wealth.” We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Virginia. 

Additionally, I successfully passed both of NACSO’s certification tests. The CROA certification, as well as their Credit Scoring certification. Also, I completed Credit Repair Cloud’s… Credit Hero Challenge. So, I acquired CRC’s Basic Dispute certification. Ultimately, whether you need resources to renovate your credit or prefer to hire one of our specialist contact us.   Are you ready to get on track? 



Congratulations! You’re still reading.  So, you’ve decided (or strongly considered) your situation needs to change.  On the other hand, perhaps you’re just starting.  First thing on your list is to plan and prepare.  Redesigning your credit is a lifestyle… adjustments/goals should be made. At the same token, if you’re figuring out how credit works… I strongly recommend my financial literacy link. Being knowledgeable is beneficial to everyone.

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Secondly, resilience. It’s a mental reservoir of strength. Even still, being human, it’s natural for some to feel overwhelmed when change is introduced. 

Nevertheless, I implore you to  stay calm. More importantly, patience is necessary during your travelsThis quest will take time. Rest assured, past obstacles doesn’t define your future. 



Lastly, consistency. It’s imperative that you adhere to goals and plans in order to see results.  

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Some folks will prefer to work on their own credit.  Therefore, another great fact about us is we have resources available.  Your journey starts whenever you’re ready. 

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Also, we are available to those that want help.  Rest assured if you pay for our services… you will see results… or be refunded.  Once you see results, you can decide if this is a good fit.

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Business Credit

Credit Suite

-5 Star Processing

We have affiliates available for business owners seeking to rebuild/start credit. To add, I have information  via my blog Land Enterprises. LLC for those wanting to launch a business. 

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Credit Awareness

Credit Builder Card

– Smart Credit

There are links for restructuring credit or building credit for the first time.  Don’t forget your itinerary.